About Hola Andalusia

A working life in service together with guests, customers and partners combined with a great interest in travel is behind our idea and the establishment of Hola Andalusia.

After many years of living abroad and many trips as tourists to different places, coincidence took us to Spain and Almuñécar. Over the years, vivid ideas were built up that were shaped by our own experiences and what we have gained from our visits. Maybe it can fit in just as well for others too?

The advantages of being able to come to a new place and get the opportunity to get to know the area given a short visit. At best, to be able to scratch a little under the "tourist surface". Our most memorable trips and experiences have been the unexpected and unique, often spent in nature, and meetings with local residents. Those memories remain the strongest and have a special place in the heart. It is our hope and our goal to be able to deliver just that to you!